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Before we produce a video, we want to learn about you and your business. What is your mission? Who is your ideal customer? What is the scope of your project? What is the purpose of the video(s) that you want to be produced?


Following the initial consultation, we begin the conception process. We determine who your target audience is, the purpose of the video(s), and the message that you want to convey.


Once the concept is complete, we prepare materials to make the production process go smoother. We work with you to determine a production timeline. We produce storyboards, scripts, shot lists, and any other pre-production materials that may be needed to prepare for actual production.


We schedule a time that works best for you to shoot video. We closely follow storyboards, conduct interviews, and capture any necessary b-roll to create your new video(s). We take as much time as is necessary to get the best shots to ensure that your video(s) will be high-quality and will convey your message best.


We begin the editing process by ingesting all of the footage taken. We determine which shots work best for the video and delete any footage deemed unusable. By following the storyboards, we bring your vision to fruition by seamlessly editing the footage and sound together to create the video(s) that will best engage your audience and convey your message.

Animation/Motion Graphics

We have the creative talent necessary to produce titles and motion graphics that will enhance your vision. We DO NOT use stock animations or presets that can be found anywhere. Here, everything is built from the ground up!


We’re not just here to shoot a video and make a sale. We understand that producing high-quality video content is a highly collaborative process, and that we must learn about your business, your mission, and your ideal customer in order to convey the right message. We understand that there are no shortcuts to producing a quality, custom-built video. We DO NOT use stock video footage, photos, motion graphics, or animation presets; everything is built from the ground up. We take the time necessary to showcase your brand in the most effective way!


We also understand that video production services don’t have to be super expensive. We offer our high-quality video production services at an affordable rate.


If presented with a video that does not satisfy your vision or needs, we will revise it until it meets your expectations at no extra cost. We pride ourselves in producing the best video possible!

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